Then Tomball Rocks is the place for you! We currently offer private instruction in guitar, bass, piano, drums, and violin/fiddle. Our teachers are knowledgeable musicians with real world experience, not just musical babysitters! You can learn to read traditional music and study the classics, or learn how to just enjoy your instrument of choice with the basics and your favorite tunes!
   Each student is given their own materials in the form of handouts, specific to what the student is interested in learning. If you want to learn some hard rock licks on your guitar, you won't have to sit through "twinkle twinkle, little star". Or if you want to learn Beethoven's 5th, you won't have to sit through learning an instructor's favorite "experimental jazz trio" songs. It's all about YOU!!

Play the music, not the instrument.  ~Author Unknown

We Also Do Repairs And Restrings!

Need your favorite guitar or bass restrung, but don't know how? We can do it for you!

Your guitar needs some electronic work done? We can do that too!

We can take care of all your restrings, setups, repairs, and even drum tuning!
Check out our Scheduling and Pricing page for more info!